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John Hart and NIHP

Major Projects Portal - CR Chamber of Commerce

John Hart Subcontractors Information Sheet

John Hart Job Seekers Information Sheet - Updated April 2016

BC Hydro John Hart Construction Report - July 2017

Trade Tender Matrix - North Island Hospital Project - Comox Oct 2016

Trade Tender Matrix - North Island Hospital Project - Campbell River Oct 2016


BC Hydro Site C

Successful contractors will be posting opportunities on the WorkBC website using the search term "Site C".  If you are interested in this project be sure to check regularly for new postings.

 You can also access more information on the Site C project by going to BC Hydro.


News from Kitimat WorkBC - LNG Information

If you are interested in what's going on in the LNG industry our collegues from the Kitimat WorkBC Centre shared some important information which you can get to by going to: News from Kitimat WorkBC Centre.

Local LMI

NIEFS Quarterly LMI Newsletter - April 2017

NIEFS Google Map 

City of Campbell River Community Profile - 2016

Campbell River Labour Market and Workforce Development Study

Regional, Provincial & National LMI

BC Labour Market Outlook 2025

Vancouver Island Manufacturing Sector - Labour Market Partnership 2016

VIEA - State of the Island Economic Report 2016

VIEA - State of the Island Economic Report 2015

BC Jobs Plan - 4 year update - December 2015

BC Stats - Regional Employment Projections 2010-2015 

Regional Statistics - Vancouver Island/Coast

BC Forest Sector Labour Market & Training Analysis

Vancouver Island - Regional Tourism and Hospitality Industry Labour Demand and Supply Projections

BC Stats

Statistics Canada

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