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Creating a Basic BCeID - Online Tutorial

This short tutorial aims to guide you through the process of obtaining a Basic BCeID registration in order to access Employment Program of British Columbia (EPBC) resources. For more detailed information visit .

Step 1:

Go to the BCeID Register page and click Register for a Basic BCeID as shown below:


Step 2:

Fill out the form with name and email address as shown:



Step 3.

Create a unique username for your BCeID and a secure password. You should click the link “Learn more about passwords” if you have further questions. In this example a unique username was created from the first and last name and also a significant year:


Step 4.

Answer the personal questions in the Password Reset section to allow your account to be recovered in case the BCeID password is forgotten. For example:


Step 5.

Before continuing you must check the box acknowledging the Terms of Use Agreement has been read and accepted. You must also check the box indicating ‘I’m not a robot’ which will bring up a visual puzzle that must be successfully completed. This puzzle can be tricky so try clicking the refresh button for an easier puzzle or asking a friend to help.


Step 6.

You’re done and ready to use available services:

The confirmation email you receive is useful for retrieving your username if you forget and a reminder to keep your password secure.